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The Indian Express Our flagship national daily covers sports, entertainment, local and general interest news with India's sharpest political stories, hard-hitting investigative pieces and award-winning, globally recognised opinion and editorial pages.
The Financial Express India's leading financial news and opinion website provides in-depth coverage of business news, stocks, industry, economy and markets. It gives you all that you should read to lead.
Loksatta One of Maharashtra's most read and respected Marathi language national daily, with a loyal following for its editorial content, columns and opinion. Visit Loksatta Live channel, to watch Loksatta's events
Jansatta 'Jansatta' literally means people's mandate and is respected for its sincere and courageous journalism. India's most respected Hindi language national daily broadsheet is known for its high quality editorials and political pieces.
Eye Eye is a lifestyle magazine showcasing arts, films, travel, fitness, media, entertainment, social behaviour, spirituality and personalities. It is distributed along with The Sunday Express and The Financial Express on Sunday (South editions).
Express Computer A fortnightly IT business magazine that provides vital insights and top notch articles on the emerging trends and the latest developments in the IT space. For 24 years, Express Computers has been read and cherished by CIOs across the country.
Express Travel World India's foremost travel business magazine focuses on travel and tourism related information, issues and trends from a professional and business perspective. This monthly travel trade business publication offers comprehensive and in-depth news, analysis and its impact on the trade.
Express Pharma India's foremost pharma and biotech magazine that provides market information and intelligent analysis about issues influencing this sector.
Express Healthcare India's first healthcare business magazine fulfills the information needs of the healthcare management professionals. Apart from a healthy mix of analytical reporting on local and global news, it features in-depth discussions on current and emerging trends as well as issues affecting the industry.
Food & Hospitality World A joint venture with Hannover Milano Fairs India Private Limited, India's leading B2B magazine for the food and hospitality industry with comprehensive and insightful content that makes it the undisputed industry favourite. This fortnightly publication brings to you the latest news and trends in the Indian hospitality sector, with a strong focus on the F&B segment.
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