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The Indian Express Our flagship national daily covers sports, entertainment, local and general interest news with India's sharpest political stories, hard-hitting investigative pieces and award-winning, globally recognised opinion and editorial pages. The online destination for credible news for millions of people worldwide, the site provides real time news on politics, business, sports, entertainment, technology, lifestyle and world, in text, images and videos. With over 120 million page views a month, it provides advertisers a strong platform to reach a high profile and engaged user base in India as well as abroad. Do check-out the fully functional Award-Winning Mobile App on Android and IOS!
The Financial Express India's leading financial news and opinion daily that provides in-depth coverage of business news, stocks, industry, economy and markets. It gives you all that you should read to lead. It publishes the reputed FE-500 publication. The online destination for all financial content needs, it provides in depth coverage of business news, stocks, industry sectors, economy and markets. With over 20 million page views a month, advertisers receive a high click through from quality audience. Also, check out our fully functional app available on iphone, ipad and Android platforms.
Loksatta One of Maharashtra's most read and respected Marathi language national daily, with a loyal following for its editorial content, columns and opinion. Gateway to the award-winning Lokaprabha magazine and regional Vruttanta supplements. India’s leading Marathi language news website with over 15 million page views a month. It is the perfect platform for advertisers wanting to connect with the aware and affluent Marathi audience. Visit Loksatta Live channel, to watch Loksatta's events and is India’s first Marathi newspaper to have a fully functional iOS and Android app.
Jansatta 'Jansatta' literally means people's mandate and is respected for its sincere and courageous journalism. India's most respected Hindi language national daily broadsheet is known for its high quality editorials and political pieces. Brings the latest news and opinions on politics and current affairs in India and around the world. The site also covers cricket, sports, business, bollywood news and entertainment, auto, technology, health and fitness news. It has around 3 million monthly page views and provides advertisers a strong platform to reach out their communication to a class user base in India as well as abroad.
Eye Eye is a lifestyle magazine showcasing arts, films, travel, fitness, media, entertainment, social behaviour, spirituality and personalities. It is distributed along with The Sunday Express and The Financial Express on Sunday (South editions).
Express Computer is empowered by the 33-year legacy of 'Express Computer' India's most respected IT publication since 1990. The online version of 'Express Computer' continues to provide vital insights, top notch articles on emerging trends and latest developments in the IT space. The goal is to engage and provide a networking platform for senior IT decision makers and implementers across various industries. It's an ideal platform for the IT Channel space, with most comprehensive, topical, incisive and unbiased coverage through a carefully chosen mix of news, views, analysis and in-depth feature articles.
Express Pharma Express Pharma, first published as Express Pharma Pulse in 1994, is today India’s leading business fortnightly for the pharmaceutical industry. With the patronage of its readers, Express Pharma has grown to become the No.1 Business News Magazine for the pharmaceutical industry. The editorial contents include: news, views, analysis and interviews, under four main segments: Market (The business of pharmaceuticals), Management (Insight for managing pharma), Research (Expertise for drug development) and Pharma Life (HR issues with a pharma focus). Besides this, it brings out periodic specials like the quarterly Pharma Technology Review, Packaging Special and LABNEXT.
Express Healthcare Express Healthcare, first published as Express Healthcare Management in January 2000, has grown to be the No.1 Business News Magazine for the healthcare industry. Apart from a healthy mix of analytical reporting on local and global news, it features in-depth discussions on current and emerging trends as well as issues affecting the industry. It also brings out an annual publication, In Imaging, for the radiology and imaging segment.
CRN India is the leading source of IT channel, news, trends, analysis, and best practices for solution providers, and the number one provider of media solutions to technology vendors. Our essential digital content enables vendors to reach a highly engaged audience of 35,000 solution provider organizations and more effectively engage with their partner communities. CRN is the premier provider of IT channel media and events. We build go-to-market strategies that drive partner recruitment and enablement while creating customer demand. Our digital portfolio of offerings reaches partners in every way they want to engage - enabling them to inform, recruit, and inspire action
In today's changing market scenario, brands are constantly seeking fresh thinking and new ideas to market their products. With a simple mantra - Engage Readers and Deliver Quantifiable Results - Team RED of the Express Group empowers your brand with holistic brand solutions. Encompassing print, multimedia, digital, events, books, innovative packages and consumer interaction, RED creates dynamic tailor-made solutions to leverage your brand identity. To learn more, contact us.
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