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www.indianexpress.comThe Indian Express At a time when India was struggling for her freedom, oppression was rife and the press virtually gagged, one voice dared to break the silence. Founded by Shri Ramnath Goenka in 1932, The Indian Express gave India a voice of opinion that was fearless and true.... Read more.

From a single-edition paper in Madras in 1932, The Indian Express grew into a multiple-edition paper influencing thought and policy across the country. Packed with a fair mix of news, knowledge and information, The Indian Express hits the heart of the issue without any fear or favour. Reason why we have been identified with credible and fiercely independent journalism in India. Something we call 'Journalism of Courage'.

For over 75 years, The Indian Express has been read by those who have their own unique point of view of looking at things. With coverage based on comprehensive analysis, and with fearless reporting, we empower our readers with the truth behind every matter. We go the whole length to get to the crux of every issue. And we don't just stop there, but ferret out every detail that brings out the how, why, where and what next of the subject. So, our readers can formulate their own stands on issues in a bias-free manner.

The Sunday paper indulges the reader in news and views on people, technology, entertainment, business and books via The Sunday Express. With contributions from some of the most prominent columnists who offer an in-depth look at the week's big stories. Moreover, with a newly re designed lifestyle magazine EYE, showcasing arts, films, travel, fitness, media, entertainment, social behaviour, spirituality and personalities, The Sunday Express truly stimulates the intelligent reader every weekend.

A recipient of the prestigious IPI (in 2003, 2006 and 2009), Oberoi and ICRISAT awards, The Indian Express is known to go the extra mile and give voice to stories that otherwise go untold.
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www.financialexpress.comThe Financial Express The Financial Express (FE) is a business paper that's closest to the people who are in the business of business. From business policies to market trends to new developments, The Financial Express comes packed with incisive news on every relevant issue.... Read more.
In doing so, it empowers the reader with informative reading that makes for leading-edge financial decisions.

Further sharpening business acumen, The Financial Express carries a number of special pages every day of the week. These pages carry reports and analysis on wide-ranging subjects such as PSUs, automobiles, infrastructure, the business of entertainment, capital markets, small and medium enterprises, trade and banking. In addition, The Financial Express offers its readers BrandWagon, a four page supplement on advertising and marketing.

The Union Budget edition of The Financial Express is an annual event that readers and leaders look forward to, since it is widely acknowledged to be the best among Indian business dailies, bringing together a galaxy of business and political stars on one platform to give their views on the Budget. Be it India's top 500 companies or India's best financial institutions, The Financial Express offers credible knowledge on both with the nation's most sought-after listings. The FE 500 and FE Best Banks. Further, initiatives like the FE Round Table Conference (RTC) gives policy makers and businessmen a unique chance to share the same platform to discuss relevant issues. The Financial Express has successfully conducted FE Round Table Conferences on aviation, real estate, power and energy, telecom, retail, banking and SMEs, among others.

The Financial Express has also pioneered two very special annual awards. The FE India's Best Bank Awards are based on the Best Bank Survey that was initiated in 1996-97. Today the FE Best Bank Awards are the most coveted honour for all bankers. The FE-EVI Green Business Leadership Awards, launched since 2008 aims to fete the best performers across diverse sectors for their endeavours to tackle the issue of climate-change.

Explains why, The Financial Express has been influencing business decisions since 1961.

Financial Express Round Table Conference Round Table ConferenceAn initiative of The Financial Express, the fe Round Table Conference (RTC) creates a forum for industry representatives and the country's policy makers to exchange opinions on issues specific to different sectors of the industry. These conferences provide unrivalled, agenda-setting programmes with eminent decision-makers, visionaries and strategists across industries and economies.

A wide range of focus areas are being tapped into ranging from Retail, Real Estate, Power, Infrastructure, Aviation, Telecom, Automobiles to Tourism, HR Practices, Media and Entertainment, Renewable Energy, Steel, FMCG, Advertising & Media, IT and Education. So far the RTCs have covered diverse sectors such as SME, Telecom, Aviation, Power, Oil and Gas, amongst others.

Delegates come not only to understand the bigger picture and enjoy unique networking opportunities; but also experience a stimulating debate about key issues pertaining to their sector of industry. The uniqueness is the public nature of the candid, no-holds-barred exchange, which is telecast on a popular business channel.

The exchange of ideas on key matters confronting the industry is moderated by senior Financial Express editors.

Sponsors are drawn from a cross-section of some of the most recognised and forward-thinking firms across the globe. The presence of opinion leaders makes for a remarkable visibility opportunity. With various opinion leaders under one roof, discussions towards solutions to real issues are made easier. RTC excerpts printed in The Financial Express give readers crucial updates on various sectors of the industry.
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www.loksatta.comLoksatta Launched on January 14, 1948, Loksatta, has stood by its belief of being a forum and voice of democracy in Maharashtra. It is known for its impartial coverage and nonconformist & liberal viewpoint. Loksatta is one of the most widely read Marathi dailies in Maharashtra... Read more.
today. An information power house Loksatta, stands high on content, is strong in news analysis & covers sports, entertainment and lifestyle with flair. Loksatta is one of the few Marathi dailies with a wide variety of weekly and weekend supplements. Loksatta Vruttant is a daily supplement with the paper that focuses on city specific issues. Other supplements include Lokrang, Chaturang, Viva, Vasturang and Career Counsellor.

With a legacy of six decades, Loksatta is the newspaper readers grew up with and passed on to the next generation. Loksatta is known for a powerhouse editorial team that generates rock solid content which acts as the benchmark for competition.

Championing Change, Loksatta, has contributed towards creating a better equivalent society by creating awareness about the need for better education, infrastructure, environment, generating reader interest to actively participate in politics and in initiatives that bridge the socio-economic gap. Loksatta regularly launches various initiatives to engage its readers; some of the most successful of 2010 include Yashasvi Bhava (Study series for 10th std. students), Ganesh Utsav Murthy Spardha (Sarvajanik Ganesh Pandal Judging Contest), Eco-friendly Ganpati competition for household Ganpati celebrations, Maaza Dev Ghar Contest (Contest to judge traditional Dev Ghars in households) and Loksatta Khel Saapshidicha (An exciting Snakes and Ladders contest played for ages but in a brand new avatar).
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www.loksatta.com/lokprabha/Lok Prabha Lokprabha, launched in 1974, is a weekly Marathi magazine, from the Indian Express group. It gives extensive and in-depth coverage on topics which range from social, political to cultural educational and many more. Lokprabha is considered to be the one of the few... Read more.
magazines that represents Maharashtra in its true form. Edited by the celebrated journalist, Mr. Pravin Tokekar, Lokprabha has over the years received many honors, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Samajik Patrakarita award being one of them.
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www.jansatta.comJansatta Jansatta was launched in 1983 with a single- minded purpose to reach out to a large section of the Hindi speaking Indian intelligentsia. In the endeavor to embrace them, Hindi journalism has got a new meaning altogether.... Read more.

By offering wide discussions and analysis on politics, society, economy, environmental development and more issues, the Jansatta giver Hindi readers a unique forum to voice their opinions.
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