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Technology Senate

Established in 2003, Technology Senate is an exclusive symposium that brings together the brightest and biggest names in the end-user IT community in India. The aim of the conference is to facilitate a forum for the country's leading CIOs, CISOs, CDOs, and thought leaders in IT to discuss and debate varied technology issues unique to the community itself.
Technology Senate is India’s most definitive voice and platform for CIOs and IT leaders, showcasing how India’s leading organizations are recreating their business models and future by placing their bets on the latest technologies.
Spread across three days, the conference features dedicated business technology strategy sessions, best practices from sector leaders, and case studies of effective technology implementations. Attendees can expect a blend of keynote sessions, panel discussions, thought leader insights, and partner presentations. The conference also honors sector leaders for technology deployments that have a big business impact.
This innovative format, with a captive audience at an offshore location, has set a new benchmark in IT events through leadership dialogues, networking opportunities, a technology showcase, and performance achievement recognition.
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Technology Sabha

Organized by the Indian Express (P) Ltd., Technology Sabha, has since long been India’s premier e-Governance Forum; setting the pace for e-Governance seminars with leadership dialogues, actionable case studies and best practices, networking opportunities and technology showcases. Technology Sabha has been able to gather key Government ICT practitioners and decision-makers, under one roof, as they work towards the creation of a more transparent and efficient governance mechanism.
Technology Sabha is India’s largest and most established e-Governance summit. Every year, across two editions, Technology Sabha showcases exemplary success stories from central and state departments, shares best practices from government thought leaders and encourages the innovators and leaders in e-governance to highlight their best practices in the form of sessions, case studies and technology workshops. Technology Sabha is known to encourage and facilitate discussions that have continuously raised the bar for e-Governance in the country.
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CRN Channel Leadership Summit

The CRN-Channel Leadership Summit or CLS is an event that attracts India’s most Powerful Network of Technology Partners and Vendors. This is hosted in the form of a physical summit and draws over 100 attendees. CLS is one of the most awaited events in India’s channel community and is represented by channel partners, including large and mid-sized system integrators, value-added resellers, new-age specialized partners, and distributors from the metros and influential partners from Tier II and Tier III cities. The conference discusses new perspectives and strategies to unlock more potential for India’s channel partners, and is represented by the top leaders from India’s channel community and technology OEMs who share their unique perspectives, insights, and technology strategies for the growth of the overall community.
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BFSI Technology Conclave

The Indian BFSI sector is one of the major drivers of India’s economy. If India aspires to achieve its ambitious aspirations of becoming a $10 trillion dollar economy by 2035, then the BFSI sector which powers a majority of the economy will undoubtedly play a major role. If the BFSI sector hopes to be in the forefront as it has always has been in terms of adoption of emerging technologies, then it has to continue to lead from the front. From usage of AI to RPA to Blockchain, the financial services firms and banking firms have always led other sectors in terms of technology-led innovation. Express Computer understands this huge digital shift in the BFSI sector, and has hence conceptualized the BFSI Technology Conclave – a conference that witnesses India’s foremost thought leaders and influencers. At this conference, contemporary topics on the usage of emerging technologies such as AI, RPA and Blockchain on the overall business is discussed, and best practices on adoption of the impact of leading technologies is highlighted.
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Information Security Conclave

With the increasing trend towards remote working, the world of cybersecurity has become more critical than ever before. The concept of a perimeter is no longer relevant in today's world, as every endpoint or service can be compromised. With a massive amount of data being generated and consumed, the need for automation in security is more significant than ever.
At Express Computer, we recognize the challenge that businesses face in protecting their critical assets against well-organized hackers. In this context, we have conceptualized and created the Information Security Conclave. Our goal is to bring together industry leaders and experts to share their insights into current risks and future vulnerabilities, helping CIOs and CISOs deal with current and emerging threats.
The Information Security Conclave will feature sessions from some of the industry's most recognized security leaders. The conference will focus on real-world problems and use cases, providing practical solutions to address current and emerging cybersecurity challenges. The focus will be on industry-specific tracks and panel discussions and will feature real-world use cases.
Join us as we explore the latest cybersecurity trends, best practices, and solutions. The Information Security Conclave promises to be an immersive experience, enabling you to learn from industry experts and network with your peers.
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Data Center & Infrastructure Summit

As India continues to progress toward a digital future, the need for sustainable and resilient digital infrastructure has become critical. With the rapid expansion of data centers in the country, it is essential to focus on building a solid digital foundation that will empower the next level of growth.
The Government of India has already taken significant steps to strengthen the existing data center infrastructure in the country, and various states have implemented data center policies to enhance digitally enabled citizen services. With India aiming to become a 5 trillion dollar economy, there is an enormous opportunity to leapfrog digitally and become a global hub for data centers.
At Express Computer, we recognize the importance of raising the bar for quality and efficient data center practices. The Government Data Center & Infrastructure Summit is our effort to bring together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss the latest trends, best practices, and solutions to tackle the challenges facing the data center and infrastructure sector in India.
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Pharma Packaging & Labelling Conclave

PPL Conclave aims to support the pharma packaging fraternity as it works its way through a fresh set of challenges and opportunities in a rapidly shifting landscape. Experts and veterans of the pharma packaging industry come together to discuss and deliberate on strategies to navigate new challenges and meet the mounting expectations of the pharma industry.
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Pharma Summits

Express Pharma's “Pharma Summits" bring together the leaders, experts and game changers from pharma hubs across the country such as Ahmedabad, Daman, Goa, Vizag, Gangtok etc. These summits seek to propel India Pharma Inc's sustained progress by tapping into and optimising the potential offered by each of these pharma hubs.

FDD Conclave

Since its inaugural edition, the Formulation Delivery and Drug Delivery (FDD) Conclave has been 'the' platform where formulation scientists and R&D leaders come together to confer and converse on the current and future trends in the industry, their growth drivers and challenges. The event also facilitates meaningful alliances to fast-track progress.
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Radiology & Imaging Conclave

Radiology and Imaging Conclave is a platform to discuss and disseminate information on topics that can help radiologists turn challenges into opportunities and ensure sustainable growth. It also examines how radiology businesses can create and sustain value and long-term sustainability
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Dx Summit

DX Summit is a gathering of both industry leaders and academic experts to discuss and deliberate on topics pertinent to the growth of the diagnostics sector such as emerging opportunities, business models, regulatory challenges, and the latest technologies. The Summit offers opportunities to gain actionable business insights, learn and understand the impact of scientific advancements, and network with peers and leaders.
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